10 Benefits of Wearing Compression Garments

Recode · March 03, 2022


1) Reduces Muscle Fatigue

Wearing compression garments is similar to wearing a pair of athletic tights during physical activity. The garment hugs your body tightly to help reduce soreness and muscle fatigue. Less muscle fatigue means you can extend your workout, improving endurance and performance.


2) Improves Performance

If you’re not familiar with compression garments, they are form-fitting gear that’s designed to provide support and stability to specific areas of your body. They help improve performance and circulation, but they also reduce muscle soreness after a workout. Many runners have sworn by them. They say wearing compression gear improves their speed and endurance, reduces muscle soreness, increases energy, and keeps their legs feeling fresh throughout a run.


3) Prevents Swelling after Workouts

Many people think compression clothing helps you exercise harder, but that’s not necessarily true. A lot of research has shown that compression gear reduces post-workout swelling and muscle soreness. That’s one less thing to worry about after an intense workout!


4) Speeds Recovery

If you’re recovering from an injury, compression garments are a great tool for speeding up recovery time and reducing your risk of reinjury. And because most injuries don’t occur during post-workout, you may also want to consider wearing compression gear during exercise to reduce swelling in other parts of your body.


5) Treats Injuries

If you suffer from muscle injuries and soreness, compression garments can be beneficial. Tight-fitting clothing can help restrict swelling and promote circulation—two factors that may reduce pain, according to a 2016 study published in Physiotherapy Theory and Practice. Post-exercise recovery is also sped up by wearing tights while resting or sleeping; when your muscles are warm, they’re more receptive to nutrients that improve healing, a 2015 review published in Sports Medicine concluded.


6) Relieves Chronic Pain

Increasing blood flow to sore muscles is a huge benefit of compression wear. That, coupled with inflammation relief, makes it perfect for those recovering from injury or experiencing chronic pain. For example, if you work on your feet all day and experience swelling in your ankles at night, wearing compression socks will help alleviate that.


7) Improves Circulation

Anyone who has ever slipped on a pair of compression tights knows that they squeeze that area of your body, making them feel all tingly and warm. This is because compressive garments help improve circulation, which in turn increases blood flow to your muscles and limbs, delivering more oxygen and nutrients. This helps reduce recovery time after a hard workout or strenuous day at work.


8) Enhances Muscle Definition

A common complaint among women is that they have a hard time seeing their muscles in action. Compression garments enhance muscle definition and create a more powerful and attractive physique. The compression fabric works to shape your body, bringing out every muscle and curve you want to display. If you want to look amazing on stage or in photos, wearing compression wear underneath your outfit can help you get there.

9) Reduces Chafing in Warm Conditions

If you’re active outdoors in warm weather, compression gear can be a boon for warding off chafing and blisters that can result from moisture build-up. When heat builds up around your extremities, blood flow to your muscles decreases, which is what causes inflammation and blisters. A snugly fitting pair of compression tights or sleeves help keep moisture at bay by maintaining better blood flow throughout your limbs.



10) Helps Sleep

It’s been proven that wearing compression garments at night helps you sleep better by releasing growth hormones and helping your body relax. It also encourages blood flow, which is important for recovering from strenuous exercise. Wearing compression shorts before bed helps you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer leading you to wake up more refreshed.

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