10 Reasons Why Should Wear Compression Garments To The Gym

Recode · July 19, 2022


A rise in popularity

Compression garments have risen in popularity in the last decade. They have been seen used in sports including MMA, basketball, tennis, and many more by top-tier athletes in training.  It has risen in popularity because many studies have shown many benefits during and after workouts helping them experience less soreness and faster muscle recovery.

1. Reduce Muscle Fatigue

One of the ways on improving your athletic performance is by reducing muscle fatigue. Numerous studies have found compression shorts help reduce muscle soreness and fatigue during and after workouts, resulting in better, faster, and longer workouts. This is due to its increases in circulation and blood flow helps keep your muscles warm during your training.

2. Strain Prevention

When you’re training, your muscles need all the help they can get to help you perform your best.
Studies have found compression garments can help reduce your risk for strains.  Injuries are commonplace in the careers of athletes. Some of these common strains include an over-extended calf to a strained hamstring. Wearing compression bottoms has been shown to help prevent these types of injuries. This is caused by the extra support compression provides, keeping your muscles, joints, and ligaments in place.

3. Reduction in risk of muscle soreness

Having sore muscles post-workout is very common for all athletes. To reduce the risk of being sore, wearing compression garments is a good way to prevent this from happening. Soreness is caused by a build-up of lactic acid in the muscles, and when you wear compression clothing, the lactic acid is removed quicker which decreases the build-up due to the increased blood flow.


4. Improved exertion

When you're training for sports that require high endurance, It's beneficial to have lower perceived exertion (a more effortless workout). A study published in 2016 found that compression garments like tights, shorts, and socks improved perceived exertion in endurance runners.

5. Increase Power

Another benefit of wearing compression is that it can increase the power of your muscles. During a long session, studies have found compression clothing can help restore your muscle strength and jumping abilities after an endurance event or strenuous workout. This is great for athletes who partake in multiple sports. So, if you train throughout the week, but shoot hoops on the weekend, compression will help your muscles stay strong while keeping your jumping game in check.


6. Better muscle oxygenation

For your muscles to function properly during workouts, your muscle to receive oxygen. Compression garments assist athletes with this as it is designed to increase the amount of oxygen that athletes receive due to increased blood flow to their muscles. This helps energize your muscles before training and enhances athlete performance while preventing lactic acid build-up.

7. Comfort

Compression garments do apply pressure to their key muscle area, but many athletes find them comfortable because compression tights stabilize your muscles while you train while providing little wind resistance.


8. Improved Strength Recovery

Studies have shown when you are participating in any form of strength training, compression garments can provide you with performance and muscle recovery benefits. Your muscles need to have time to rest, recover, and repair while you’re training. Once muscle fatigue sets in, it’s important to know when to give your muscles a rest. Wearing compression garments can help tired muscles get the rest and recovery they need to keep you safe and healthy as well as reduce the likelihood of any injuries.


9. Absorb Shock and Impact

Studies have shown wearing compression can reduce the impact of each blow especially when some techniques require flexibility or power because compression garments provide an extra layer of shock absorption that will keep your joints from getting stiff.


10. Groin Support

Compression garments are perfect for cup support during training sessions They provide a convenient, comfortable way to protect sensitive body parts while you train or compete. This is one of the more superficial reasons for wearing compression garments, but they offer added groin support. If you’re struggling to keep your protective cup in place or just want to keep everything secure, compression garments are a comfortable and easy way to get added groin support while you’re sparring on the mat or in the ring.

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