Common questions asked about how compression clothing impact your post workout recovery.

Recode · May 10, 2022


Before we start:

Proper workout recovery is essential to maximize your fitness gains. Activewear that features compression technology can help speed up recovery and reduce muscle soreness post-workout, allowing you to return to training sooner. But how do you choose which pair of compression tights is right for you? Look at our handy guide on how to choose the best compression tights for post-workout recovery!

1) How much do I need to recover?

The amount of recovery benefit you need will depend entirely on your sport or activity. If you are performing multiple workouts per day or if you are undergoing particularly intense training, it may be wise to invest in high-end compression gear like brands like Recode Compression, 2XU, or Skins.

2) What level of pressure am I comfortable with?

Not all compression garments provide equal levels of pressure; shop around to see what feels most comfortable (and beneficial!) for you. Ideally medium and high or anywhere in between provides the best benefits. Also, be aware of cheap imitations that do not provide the benefits of compression. Most compression garments that do provide medical benefits usually range between the prices of $90 - $250+ and are usually made from one of the following materials: spandex, elastane, or lycra.

3) What type of fit do I prefer?

Finally, consider what kind of fit is important to you. For instance, there are standard sizing as well as 3 different lengths—short, regular, and tall—to accommodate different workout types.


4) When and where should I wear my compression gear?

There’s no correct answer here, but some activities lend themselves better to wearing compression activewear than others. In general, activities lasting 30 minutes or less aren’t likely to make much difference in terms of recovery, so wearing compression leggings on short jogs isn’t always necessary. However, endurance athletes often wear their gear after every workout to increase blood flow during long days on their feet while helping to speed up recovery.



5) How many pairs do I need? 

Depending on how often you train, a single pair of compression clothing might not be enough to keep your legs feeling fresh over an entire week. Ideally, aim for two pairs: one to wear while training and another to wash afterward. For example, Recode Compression offers 3 ranges (Elite, Pro, and Contender). Elite and Pro Range would be recommended for training as it provides the most compression benefits whereas their Contender Range would be recommended for post-recovery.


6) Are there any additional benefits? 

In addition to enhanced recovery potential, compressive activewear also comes with other benefits like increasing circulation while decreasing odor-causing bacteria growth. They also provide definitions of your legs and other body parts.


7) Can compression clothing make me a better athlete?

Using compression clothing can make a difference with your competitors. Compression clothing will also delay the fatigue felt by absorbing shocks and reducing muscle damage. Keeping your muscle compact and solid compression also ensures less traction on the tendon and muscle itself. All those benefits will help you speed up your recovery process which will help increase your output in your next training session.


8) Compression garments: Do they influence athletic performance and recovery?

Compression garments may positively influence each kind of athletic performance! Increasing your proprioceptive feedback and facilitating muscle contraction in all disciplines involving jumps, sprints, and direction changes will be improved. Absorbing shocks and reducing muscle damage fatigue during endurance efforts will be delayed. Accelerating blood circulation muscle oxygenation will be improved, blood lactate will be faster eliminated and therefore recovery will be improved. Finally, you will also be less injured using compression. That saying, compression garments can have a positive influence on athletic performance and recovery.

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