Why do basketball players wear compression clothing under their uniform?

Recode · Feb 07, 2022


Popular among Basketball Players
You’ve likely seen basketball players wear compression shorts under their uniforms during practice and games, but you may be wondering why they do this. Don’t worry—you’re not the only one! But you should know that compression shorts play an important role in injury prevention and performance when it comes to basketball, which is why many pro athletes wear them on the court, courtside, and even off the court!

What are compression shorts?
Basketball players wear compression shorts underneath their uniform because they help prevent injury which can give them a slight competitive edge. They also make it easier to move around, which can translate into higher performance. Competitive basketball players have been using compression shorts for decades now, but even if you’re not a professional player there are still many reasons to use them.

Enhancing their performance
Wearing compression shorts while playing basketball can help prevent injuries by promoting circulation, thereby energizing muscles. Compression gear is often worn by players to improve performance and endurance. Studies have shown that it has helped athletes maintain a constant body temperature, which can reduce cramping, fatigue, and soreness post-game. In addition to improving physical performance, compression shorts also promote blood flow by increasing blood volume in your muscles. This means you'll have more oxygen and nutrients (like protein) delivered to your muscles with each contraction. In addition to making athletes look and feel faster, compression shorts improve circulation to your legs, reducing swelling and fatigue.


Keep you cool and dry

Compression shorts keep you cool and dry during exercise. They’re also a great way to support your muscles during an athletic event. But if you want to make sure you’re wearing them correctly, remember that compression shorts should fit close to your body, but shouldn’t be uncomfortably tight. If they feel too restrictive while you’re exercising, they may be doing more harm than good—especially if they make it difficult for you to move around freely on the court.


Prevent injuries

The most common reason why basketball players wear compression shorts is to prevent injury. Compression shorts help prevent injuries by improving blood circulation and oscillation, which boosts strength and allows players to perform better during practices and games. This means that teams will have fewer risk of having key players get injured. As a result, coaches, who are responsible for making sure their team wins games, can be more effective in their roles as leaders.

Better quality of life during recovery time

Compression shorts are used to reduce pain and swelling, thereby improving a basketball player’s quality of life during recovery time. With these shorts worn during practice or games, it takes significantly less time to recover and achieve optimal levels of health and performance. As a bonus, wearing these shorts is said to improve players’ overall confidence and comfort in their bodies by helping them look better when they perform in front of spectators and fans.

Final Thoughts

Now you have fully understood why basketball players wear tights during games and training. Even though it is not critical or compulsory to wear compression pants in every single match, you should keep in mind that it is good to wear them as often as you can as it is convenient and needful to help you gain a competitive edge over your opponents.


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